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I am an Assistant Professor of English at Bethany College, West Virginia (Go Bisons!). I teach several kinds of courses, including ENGL 111: College Writing, and I direct the English Education program, which means I teach and advise students who are interested in becoming English teachers at the middle and high school levels. Before coming to Bethany, I was an instructor at the University of Texas at Austin, where I also earned my master's and then my doctorate in Comparative Literature. Before that, I taught high school in La Joya, Texas, a small town that straddles the US-Mexico border. When I'm not teaching (or getting ready to teach), I like to spend time with my partner and son, watching movies, walking to the park, etc.

United States
Bethany, WV
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Curriculum Committee, Institutional Review Board, Assessment Committee, BCFR.FACM Faculty Meetings, ENGL370/WLAC370: Introduction to Linguistics - Hixenbaugh, ENGL 111: College Writing (Sections 1, 2 & 5) - Hixenbaugh, BFYE100.001.F17 Camp Bell - Straub, Anslow, Hixenbaugh, Reilly, ENGL111.04/05/06.F17 College Writing - Hixenbaugh, ENGL200.01/02.F17 L5 Literary Diversity - Hixenbaugh
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