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BFYE100.001.F17 Camp Bell - Straub, Anslow, Hixenbaugh, Reilly, BFYE101.ZZ Bethany First Year Experience Faculty, SGA.EXEC Executive Committee - SGA, Student Government Association, The Well, Alternative Minimum Faculty Qualifications Committee, Curriculum Committee, Faculty Development Committee, Institutional Review Board, ECON376/476.01.F17 Junior and Senior Seminar - Csaplar/Reilly, ECON490.01.F17 WI Senior Project - Csaplar, EDUC696.01.F17 Theories, Practices, and Utilization of Educational Research, Assessment Committee, BCFR.FACM Faculty Meetings, BCFR.FORM Forms and Templates, BCFR.WAC Writing Across the Curriculum, BCFR.WELF Faculty Welfare Committee, MATH/CPSC490.01.F17 WI-Senior Project - Reilly , MATH105.01.F17 Precalculus, MATH281.01.F17 Statistical Methods I - Reilly, CHEM/PHYS490.01.F17 WI Senior Project - Reilly, CHEM101.02.F17 General Chemistry I - Reilly, CHEM108.01.F17 Introduction to Forensic Science- Reilly, CHEM285.50.F17 Data Analytical for the Physical Sciences, CHEM315.01.F17 Advanced Methods of Analysis: Spectroscopy, CHEM385.01.F17 Writing for Chemistry I - Reilly, CHEM477.01.F17 Senior Seminar - Reilly, Department of Physical and Computational Sciences - Reilly, Registrar, Travel Forms, MATH281.01.J18 Statistical Methods I - Reilly, CHEM/PHYS490.01.S18 WI Senior Project - Reilly, CHEM108.01.S18 Introduction to Forensic Science- Reilly, CHEM324.01.S18 Analytical Chemistry - Reilly, CHEM477.01.S18 Senior Seminar - Reilly, ECON490.01.S18 WI Senior Project - Csaplar, EDUC699.01.S18 Capstone Research Project - Reilly, MATH/CPSC490.01.S18 WI-Senior Project - Reilly , MATH282.01.S18 Statistical Methods II - Reilly
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